"We are called to serve one another and to walk humbly with God."

Every member of our parish is asked to share their God-given gifts with our community so that no part of the body of Christ is missing. The more we give and share, the more our community will grow and strengthen its roots in the Lord Jesus. Stewardship is a conversion journey of receiving God’s love and returning love to Him.  This requires prayer, reflection and time to allow God to show us who we are so that we can then celebrate what’s right with the gift of life.

Stewardship Through Financial Giving

The financial contributions made by parishioners is critical to a parish, and Prince of Peace is no exception.   Your financial stewardship benefits Prince of Peace in many ways including:

  • Allows for the programs and services offered at Prince of Peace to continue
  • Allows for the parish to update our infrastructure and ensure routine, preventative maintenance occurs.  In past years the consistent financial giving of our parishioners has allowed for the installation of elevators and updates to the Chapel. 
  • Allows for the parish to continue subsidizing the cost of a Catholic school education for our School students, keeping tuition as as low as possible.
  • Allows for the parish to literally keep the lights and the gas on.  Parishes pay the same utilities you do, but in much larger amounts.  Our ability to cover our current utility costs is what allows us to keep the parish open to the many minitries and groups who enjoy the benefit of meeting here after hours and on the weekends.

We ask that our parishioners at the time they register with the parish and again every Fall, prayerfully consider your commitment to give back through a consistent financial contribution to the parish.  We offer two options:

  • Pre-printed envelopes mailed to your home each month for those parishioners who wish to give through a check or cash
  • Online giving through WeShare.  Your contribution is made on a specified date and you no longer have to worry about "making up" your commitment if you miss a weekly Mass. 

Click here to establish online giving using a credit or debit card or bank account through WeShare!


Stewardship Through Volunteerism to the Parish

Prince of Peace relies on our parishioners to volunteer their time and talents to the parish and many of our programs, such as Christian Formation and Funeral Dinners, are highly dependent upon volunteers to keep running.   There is an opportunity available for any time commitment, great or small, for any age,  and for any interest or talent.  In short, there is something for everyone and everyone has something they can give back in support of the parish and each other.   From Prayer Groups that meet once a week or simply rely on people praying from their homes to Liturgical Ministries that enhance our ability to celebrate and more fully participate in the Mass, we encourage you to prayerfully consider what YOU are being called to give back.

We ask that our parishioners at the time they register with the parish and again every Fall, prayerfully consider your commitment to giving back through volunteerism at the parish.