St. Mary's Food Kitchen

On the first Monday of each month, Prince of Peace serves a hot meal to the poor and disadvantaged of Kansas City. Parish members volunteer to prepare and serve the food.

Prepare a dish: On the third weekend of the month, casserole dishes are placed in the Gathering Area in the back of the Church. Parishioners are asked to take a pan and prepare a dish. Casseroles should be returned to the Parish Hall Kitchen on the First SUNDAY of the month between 7:00 and 11:00 AM or brought Parish Hall kitchen before 9:00 AM the day of service.

Serving: We meet in the SMT Parish Hall and leave for the Food Kitchen at 9:05AM. Children attending must be Confirmation age or older. We can only accommodate a limited number of young people, so please call to reserve your spot. All children need to be accompanied and supervised by their own parent and/or legal guardian to participate. Our day to serve is every 1st Monday of each month.

For ministry information or to volunteer, please email the or call Tom Keegan at 913-226-1756.

About St. Mary's Food Kitchen:

St. Mary's Food Kitchen
645 Nebraska
Kansas City, KS

St. Mary’s Food Kitchen has served well over 1,000,000 meals since its inception in 1982. It started in the basement of St. Mary’s Catholic Church at 5th and Ann in Kansas City, Kansas. In 1997, it moved 6 blocks to the Wilhemina Gill Multi-Service Center to better serve their clients after St. Mary’s Church was closed. It is one of the largest food kitchens in the metropolitan area, serving approximately 300 people every day of the year. Prince of Peace is one of 51 churches and 1 synagogue that have volunteered to serve the hungry at St. Mary’s Food Kitchen every day of every month since its inception in 1982.