Becoming Catholic

Prince of Peace’s Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) welcomes you as you take the next step in your spiritual journey to explore the Catholic Faith.

Joining RCIA does not mean you are committed to joining the Church.  It is simply the best way to learn more.  RCIA is the way in which Prince of Peace accompanies you along your spiritual journey.

Begin your journey at any time of year in what we call the Pre-Inquiry phase.  In Pre-Inquiry you meet with Shannon Cardaronella, our Director of Adult Faith Formation to begin the process of exploring our Faith in an informal manner.

The official RCIA program follows the school year, beginning in mid-August and running through the Easter season.  We meet almost every Thursday evening 7-9 p.m.

Fear not.  The Catholic Church will never coerce you, nor rush you.  Walk this journey at your pace.  We will accompany you, pray with and for you, and provide the information you need.

Interested? Click on the "Get More Info" button.  Shannon will reach out to you.

If you require an annulment from a prior marriage, HERE is our Marriage webpage which contains links to more information.  Again, fear not.  Shannon will walk you through the process.  You are not alone.



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Summer RCIA Sessions