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Pavilion of Hope

The Prince of Peace Pavilion of Hope feeding program was established to provide food for the indigent of Porumamilla, India. The program consists of the monthly delivery of food to the poorest of the poor. They are primarily members of the lowest caste and are living in abject poverty. In addition, food is provided for expectant mothers.

The food basket for the indigent consists of 25 kilograms of basic food staples of rice, puffed rice, cracked wheat, noodles, lentils, flour, coconut, spices, and cookies. In addition, sanitary care items of face soap, toothpaste and laundry detergent are included. This food basket is intended to provide one basic meal per day per month for 50 plus individuals and families. In total, more than 1,250 kilograms per month and 15,000 kilograms annually are delivered (33,000+ pounds). The monthly baskets are assembled by the children of the Blessed Brian Home.

Expectant mothers travel to a clinic in Porumamilla once per month for a checkup and for prenatal and postnatal care instruction. These women are at the clinic for most of the day and the Prince of Peace program provides them with a substantial meal. These two feeding programs are funded entirely through the great generosity and kindness of the members of Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Olathe, Kansas.


The Indian government has put a "shelter in place" order into effect until 4/15/20 in an effort to control/halt the spread of COVID-19. This will significantly impact the portion of the Indian population that are already "at risk" due to the lack of food. As a result, the Blessed Brian Home will dramatically expand our Prince of Peace feeding program/food delivery during this next 20 day time period, or longer if necessary. The Blessed Brian Foundation has authorized the procurement of $20,000 in food staples and expect to deliver to 500 to 1000 additional individuals (they usually deliver to 55 to 60 families monthly). The estimated volume is 30 tons to provide for these additional people. The kids at the home will be instrumental in putting the food "baskets" together for these deliveries. The food baskets will consist of rice, noodles, lentils, flour, spices, sanitary care items, and blankets/sheets where necessary. This will be the largest community project we have initiated in our 8 year history.

We need your help and support to make sure these families at risk have food to eat. Please prayerfully consider supporting the Prince of Peace Pavilion of Hope on our WeShare online giving page here!




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