Reconciliation focuses on forgiveness and on our acceptance of that forgiveness, which brings us back to spiritual health in the family of God after we have turned away. Here is a great Examination of Conscience resource from the USCCB, tailored to people in each different phase of life.

Reconciliation opportunities are:

Wednesdays at Noon

Saturdays from 3:30-4:30 PM

First Saturday of the month from 9-10 AM


School of Religion students celebrate First Reconciliation in the 2nd grade and preparation begins in the first grade. For more information on Sacramental Preparation please click here or contact the SOR Office at 913.829.1147.Prince of Peace Catholic School second graders receive sacramental preparation for First Reconciliation during the school day.  Students receive religious instruction each day and attend Mass weekly.  Students have the opportunity each school day to integrate the Catholic faith in learning and friendships.  Click here or contact the school office at 913-764-0650 for information regarding enrollment in Prince of Peace Catholic School.