Prince of Peace is beginning a new effort of evangelization and the strengthening of marriage. Our parish has partnered with an organization called Communio – a nonprofit ministry that consults with parishes to help them with evangelization and discipleship of marriages and relationships. They’re helping us set some ambitious ministry outcomes and ministry activities to achieve those outcomes. 
—We’re going to use digital and mail outreach to invite members of our community to the parish. 
—We’re going to host ongoing events and experiences that build up community and friendships within our parish and with those in the community.
—And we’re going to implement new skills-based ministries that help people in all stages of romantic life – whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married – to strengthen their relationships. 
But, before we launch this new initiative, our first big step is to understand the unique relationship needs of our parishioners. This will help us select the right events, experiences, and ministries for the coming months and years. So, now I ask everyone 18 or older to complete a survey. It’s anonymous and should only take you 90 seconds to complete. The greater participation we have, the more valuable the data is for us as we craft a strategy.

THANK YOU to all who took our relationship survey!
We are excited to kick-off this new initiative! 



Partnering with Communio:

Our parish is partnering with Communio, a nonprofit that consults with parishes, equipping them with proven strategies and technologies to solve our nation’s family and faith crisis. Communio will help Prince of Peace by providing a proven strategic framework, 21st century data tools, and a ministry game plan that will help us put members of our parish – and those in our surrounding community – onto a journey toward healthier relationships. They will help us select, promote, and run large, attractional community outreach events that flow people into ongoing engagement, and ultimately into skill-based relationship ministry. Our hope is that it will better equip our parish to run a Data-Informed, Full-Circle Relationship Ministry™ that strengthens marriages, grows our church, and transforms our community.  We will introduce this initiative and ask for your participation at all Masses the weekend of July 16/17.