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Matrimony celebrates and witnesses the covenant of love between a man and a woman and symbolizes in that union Christ's covenant of love for the Church. Contact the parish between 8-10 months prior to your anticipated wedding date to begin the marriage preparation process. Arrangements must be made to complete the necessary paperwork/requirements. These preparations include participation in a Marriage Prep Program and counseling with the FOCCUS instrument (a pre-marital inventory).  The exact date and time for a wedding cannot be scheduled until the engaged couple has had their 'Initial Consultation' with one of the parish Priests.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not schedule a reception venue prior to this Initial Consultation.



According to Canon Law, any person seeking the Sacrament of Marriage at Prince of Peace must be a registered parishioner and/or living in our parish boundaries. At least one of the persons seeking to receive the Sacrament at Prince of Peace should have a connection to Prince of Peace whether they grew up in our parish, or their parents live within our boundaries.  They should be registered and active in a parish prior to contacting the Parish Office to begin marriage preparations.


If someone wishes to enter into the Sacrament of Matrimony at Prince of Peace but has no connection to our parish or the Olathe area, only under special circumstances would they be allowed to receive the Sacrament at this parish. Certain permissions or dispensations would be needed according to the guidelines of the Archdiocese, and Canon Law of the Catholic Church.

Both parties must be legally free to marry under Church and civil law. Since marriage is a permanent bond, any previous marriage by the bride or groom, Catholic or non-Catholic, no matter where or how it was celebrated, must be reviewed with the Priest. We are unable to set a wedding date until all previous marriage situations are resolved.

For more information on having a wedding at Prince of Peace see our Wedding Guidelines. To begin the process please complete the Wedding Inquiry Intake Form and the Parish Office will contact you.If you are currently in a civil marriage and wish to have your marriage blessed please complete the Wedding Inquiry Intake Form and the Parish Office will contact you.


If you are a member of Prince of Peace and want to marry or remarry in the Catholic Church you can "petition" to be free to marry through the annulment process. To learn more about annulments click here.The annulment of a marriage may be sought by first submitting an online Annulment Inquiry Form.  A parish Annulment Advocate will contact you to set up an appointment.




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