Marriage is one of the seven sacraments given to the Church by Jesus Christ. A sacrament is a sacred ritual instituted by Christ in which the grace of God is given to us in a special way. In the Sacrament of Marriage, the bride and the groom freely enter into a lifetime commitment of fidelity to each other and to the raising of children. When this commitment is made publicly before a priest and two witnesses, God creates a permanent bond between the spouses such that they are no longer two but one. Through the sacramental grace of marriage God strengthens the spouses to aid them in living out this commitment.


According to Canon Law, an engaged person seeking the Sacrament of Marriage at Prince of Peace must be a registered parishioner or living within our parish boundaries.
Congratulations on your engagement! The priests at Prince of Peace are excited to help you prepare for your upcoming marriage and ask that you contact the parish between 8-10 months prior to your anticipated wedding date. To begin the marriage prep process, please complete the Wedding Inquiry Intake Form and the Parish Office will contact you.
The engaged couple will meet with a priest for an initial consultation. At this meeting, the priest will be getting to know you and maybe a little bit about “the story” of how you have discerned that God is calling you to marriage. In addition, this first meeting also involves getting started on the paperwork required for marriage and formally setting the wedding date.
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Do not schedule a reception venue prior to this Initial Consultation.


If you are currently in a civil marriage and wish to have your marriage blessed, please complete the Convalidation Inquiry Intake Form and the Parish Office will contact you.


If you are a member of Prince of Peace and want to marry or remarry in the Catholic Church, you can "petition" to be free to marry through the annulment process. The annulment of a marriage can begin when your divorce is final. Please submit an online Annulment Inquiry Form and the Parish Office will contact you. To learn more about annulments click here.