Seminarian Andrew Cunningham - August 12, 2023

Andrew CunninghamFor those I have not had the chance to meet, my name is Andrew Cunningham. In just a few short days, I will be heading to St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, and as a life-long parishioner of Prince of Peace, Fr. Greg and Fr. Andrew have kindly given me the spotlight in this week's bulletin to offer my gratitude and share a bit of my journey. 

From 2014-2018, I attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School. It was during this time that Prince of Peace became a true home. It began when I was introduced to LifeTeen, our high school youth ministry program. Thanks to my parents, I had come to know Jesus from a young age, but it was here that I met radically virtuous friends and mentors who walked with and instructed me in a good and holy life. Through these people, I was drawn to the love of Christ and received Him in a new and tangible way. They pointed me towards the Lord, taught me how to pray, and encouraged me in setbacks. Slowly, the gravitational center of my life began to shift. My motivations and decisions began taking root in Christ. I continued to return to Him, finding that He never fails to provide. It was through the example of my parents, the community of Prince of Peace, and, ultimately, in time spent with Our Lord that the call to the priesthood bore fruit in my heart. 

After high school, I attended Kansas State University where I graduated with a degree in Secondary Education. In a wild turn of events following my graduation, I moved to Wisconsin where, for the past year, I worked at Camp Gray, a Catholic summer camp and retreat center.

I am deeply thankful for Prince of Peace and the support of this community in my life. Please continue welcoming others with joy and hospitality, so that those who come to this parish will be drawn to remain and come to know the Lord here as I did. I will be keeping Prince of Peace in my prayers as I walk through seminary, and ask that you keep me in yours through the coming years.

In Christ's Peace, 
Andrew Cunningham