Elementary Religious Education


Prince of Peace Elementary (1st - 6th Grade)

Prince of Peace’s Elementary Religious Formation Program follows the school year, from September - May.  
Since 2017, Prince of Peace has embraced a Family-Centered model for Religious Formation with monthly family gatherings.

What Will Elementary Religious Ed look like for 2022-2023:

Monthly family gatherings:
  • Monthly meetings will take place on a Wednesday evening from 6-7 pm
  • Parents/Guardians will meet in the Church or Parish Hall (we will communicate that with you)
  • Students will meet in classrooms with other students in their grades. 
The first week of each month, families will have an option to come up to the Church to pray as a family (outside of Sunday Mass). 
  • Families will either choose to come to Prince of Peace and pray as a family or complete work from the book
  • You will be provided possible questions to discuss to and from Church. The parent will then submit one response for all their children giving feedback on the experience. Some ideas of what you can do with your family:
    • First Friday Holy Hour
    • Adoration with the family in the day chapel
    • Light a candle, pray with Saints, Stations of the Cross, Rosary, read Scripture in the main Church
  • If you choose to do the work from the book, you will need to respond to the Google Survey for that lesson, for each of your children.
Two weeks a month you will be doing home lessons with your children, using Saint Mary’s Press Discover curriculum. This is the same curriculum that was used in 2021-2022.

Family Gatherings:  

Wednesday, September 14, 6-7 PM -- Kick-Off
Wednesday, October 19, 6-7 PM
Wednesday, November 16, 6-7 PM
Wednesday, January 11, 6-7 PM
Wednesday, March 22, 6-7 PM
Wednesday, April 19, 6-7 PM
Wednesday, May 10, 6-7 PM
An email will go out regarding where the parents/guardians will meet and where the students will meet.

Religious Education Communal Penance Services:

We are working on an Advent and Lent Penance service for our Religious Education students. When these dates are finalized, an email will go out with that information.

1st Week Parish Prayer Opportunities

(If you do not choose to come to the First Friday Holy Hour, there will not be a planned event. Look at my suggestions above or decide as a family what the prayer time will look like when you come pray)
  • October 2-8
  • October 30-November 5
  • November 27-December 3
  • January 1-7
  • January 29-February 4
  • February 26-March 4
  • April 30-May 6
You can also choose instead to complete the lesson for that week. This would give you 3 weeks of lessons at home.

Weekly Home Lessons

  • 1st Grade- Saint Mary’s Press (SMP) Discover.  
  • 2nd Grade  - Saint Mary’s Press (SMP) Go, Seek, Find
  • 3rd Grade - Saint Mary’s Press (SMP) Discover
  • 4th Grade - Saint Mary’s Press (SMP) Discover
  • 5th Grade - Saint Mary’s Press (SMP) Discover
  • 6th Grade - A Saints Study Tailored to help 6th-Graders find their best fit as a Confirmation Saint.
You will sit down with your child in the comfort of your home using concrete materials:  books, worksheets, etc.
I (April) will send you the lessons via Flocknote.  After completing each weekly lesson with your child(ren), you complete a weekly short Google Survey.
The SMP Discover and Go, Seek, Find programs are centered around the Catholic Children’s Bible.  Your lessons are literally in the Bible. You turn to the given Bible story/passage each week and read with your child.

For more on Year 1 of Sacramental Preparation, see the Sacramental Preparation web page.

For more on the Year 2 of Sacramental Preparation, see the Sacramental Preparation Web Page.

6th Grade

6th-Graders are growing out of Elementary materials but not quite ready for Confirmation preparation.  For this reason, we have created a vibrant Saints Study program tailored for your child.  At the end of his/her 6th-Grade year, your child will be equipped with a handful of saints from whom to choose a Confirmation saint.



Parents are expected to faithfully work with their children at home on their home lessons, to attend the Monthly Family Gatherings, and to offer feedback as requested.



Email April Bailey at abailey@popolathe.org.


Special Needs

Prince of Peace endeavors to support special needs families to the best of our ability.  If you or your child(ren) require accommodations, contact Roxanne Hug, our Prince of Peace Parish Advocate for People with Disabilities, at SpecialNeeds@popolathe.org at registration or as early as possible in the school year.  


Sacramental Preparation for Older Baptized Children

Children in the 3rd-6th Grade who have yet to make their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion and desire to do so work with Meighan Ott in our Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC) program during their second year of preparation.


Sacramental Preparation for Older Unbaptized Children

For those children in the 3rd-6th Grade who have not yet received the sacraments of Baptism, First Reconciliation, and First Communion, contact April at abailey@popolathe.org.


Registration Fee

1st child  $65
2nd child $65
3rd child $65
4th+  0

Additional Fees

  • Sacramental Preparation fee for 2nd year First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, and 7th and 8th Grade Confirmation Preparation-$40/child
  • This year, In lieu of the Sacramental fee for first year with Prince of Peace Religious Education, we will only be charging a $20 fee to pay for The Catholic Children’s Bible from Saint Mary’s Press. It is necessary for all students to have one of these Bibles.