Auction Donations

Follow the link to select an item to donate and will be delivered directly to school.  Once received,  a donation form will be sent home to the family.


2023 Hot toys or new trending items:  American Girl doll of the year; dyson air wrap, craft ice maker, GCI rocker chairs; solo stove
HOTEL & TRAVEL:  Vacation home rentals, Time shares, Wine getaways, Golf getaways, Hotel stays, Airline tickets, Travel points, Limo certificates
ENTERTAINMENT & SPORTS:  Sporting event tickets, Concert tickets, Pit passes,  Sports memorabilia, Horseback riding lessons, sport equipment
ELECTRONICS:  Flat screen TV, iPad or tablet, Camera, Video game system, air pods, Dyson devices,  Home theatre system
CHILDREN & FAMILY:  Toys & Books, limited edition dolls/toys /legos; backyard games; smores/fire pit
FOOD & WINE:  Catered meals or parties, Chef for an evening, Cooking and Baking lessons, latest kitchen appliances or cooking wish list items like leCruset; Gourmet food or wine items, Vintage wine, Craft beer, 
HEALTH & BEAUTY:  Spa & salon certificates, Gym memberships, Hair, manicure, pedicure, and facial certificates; home fitness equipment; yoga, Pilates, and Zumba classes,  Personal training sessions; top brand beauty bundles 
HOME, GARDEN & OFFICE: Interior design services, Decorative home accessories, Florist certificate, Bar accessories, Landscaping services, Garden accessories, House cleaning service
FASHION:  Apparel gift cards, Accessories College & high school or university spirit wear, Designer purses and wallets, top brand Jewelry and watches, Custom apparel and accessories
ARTS & HANDCRAFTS:  Art classes and supplies, scrapbooking and crafting items, circut machines, 
THEME BASKETS:  For the Dogs or Cats, Family Movie Night, Coffee Break, Art and craft supplies, Automobile care, College student care package, Holiday décor, Lottery tickets, Books for all ages