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Service Project Reflection Form

As a requirement for Confirmation all 1st and 2nd year Confirmation
Candidates must complete 5 hours of service each semester (10 hours total each formation year).  Service during the prior summer can count toward fall hours.

Why do we do service? Why do we do it as a family?
In preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation you are learning to be a witness of Christ and His teachings. More than anything else you are a witness to Him by your actions.  In making service to others a part of your life, you are being a witness to Christ. In doing this as a family, parents can demonstrate a lifestyle of stewardship to their children. This also creates a shared experience with your family members.

What do I do after I have completed a stewardship project?
All stewardship hours will need to be tracked on the form provided for each semester
Each semester students will also need to choose one stewardship project to reflect on and submit a written paper covering:
Written reflection must include a description of the stewardship project (where/when/how long/with whom you served), an explanation of whether or not you would choose to do this project again (yes/no and why), your favorite/least favorite parts of the project, consideration of how this project helped you grow in your faith, any additional information/comments you’d like to include.

Fall service hours must be completed and written reflection submitted by December 9th, 2020

Spring service hours must be completed and written reflection submitted by March 31st, 2021

** Students are expected to complete all aspects of this requirement, not parents.


Stewardship Hours Tracking Forms


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Sunday Readings & Homily

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