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Fr. Jerry

"Being A Priest Today"

This weekend and next, our Archdiocese is ordaining new transitional deacons and priests for our Church. It allows me to reflect on the priesthood today and its joys and challenges.

I’ve noticed as a Catholic parish priest, people generally respond to me in two, disparate ways. It is either in generosity and kindness or confrontational and possibly judgmental.

"First Eucharist - How Do We Recognize Jesus?"

This weekend we celebrate First Eucharist with the children of our parish. We know, and our Catholic theology has taught that in His constant love, God the Father always intended to save us through Jesus. The Old Testament prefigures and prepares the way for the Eucharist to be the unique way that Jesus would offer us Himself totally so that we can offer ourselves to one another. He is the Passover lamb and the Bread from Heaven.

"Rise Up"

There is a popular song by Andra Day entitled “Rise Up”. I can’t help but think of it as we celebrate the Resurrection, the rising up of Jesus from the dead. The lyrics could easily be words from our Lord to us and why the resurrection is so important and necessary.

Only One Man

This is it – the holiest week of the year. Only one man could turn a week of betrayal, intrigue and murder into the holiest week of the year. Jesus turns this week into an amazing experience of participating in it all and more – at least that is what is possible if we afford ourselves the time to enter with Him into these days.

Plan Your Confession

We’ve been mentioning it every Sunday since the beginning of Lent and trying to encourage all to receive the beautiful sacrament of Penance before Easter. It is getting closer and closer, and we really need to plan ahead, so whatever might be keeping you away from the grace, let’s kick it away!

The Theology of the Body

 It seems we are always hearing about issues of sexuality; whether within our Church or within society, what is right or wrong, what is acceptable or unacceptable. How do we handle the unique situations that come up? Human sexuality expresses a very important part of our humanity and so deserves our attention and learning.


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Calendar of Events

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - 6:15am
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Sunday Readings & Homily

May 18, 2019: "I Bet My Life" (Fr. Jerry)
May 12, 2019: "Can You Recognize God's Voice Like You Would Your Mother's?" (Fr. Jerry)