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Aware KC: Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Awareness Presentation


AwareKC is the awareness and prevention strategy to end DMST in the greater KC region.

AwareKC has two simple goals:
   Adults – move them from awareness to action  
   Students – educate and empower them to be safe



Experience the unique AwareKC ‘dual track’ format. Students and adults will be in separate locations at the same time with a few differences in the presentation as listed here:

This training will include (for adults):

  • Understand the ‘why’ of this training and the role social media plays in DMST
  • Apps to be aware of
  • Essentials in online safety
  • Become aware of the complexity of DMST by experiencing the key components of the presentation offered to students

This presentation will include (for students):

  • Compelling videos that enhance the training
  • Connect the human rights issue of slavery to sex trafficking
  • Define trafficker manipulation tactics referred to as the ‘grooming process’
  • Explain the difference between a pimp and a spotter
  • Provide insight into the role of technology in exploiting vulnerabilities
  • Identify the ‘demand’ in this high demand business of sexual exploitation
  • Reflect on the truth of one’s value as a person
  • Give warning signs one may notice in a friend/peers life
  • Make a call to action: see something, say something

This training will conclude with adults and students together for a closing:

  • Receive a ‘talking points’ bookmark for further discussion
  • End with an encouraging word
  • Close in prayer

Russ Tuttle will be speaking with youth in Grades 6 through 12.  Russ’ primary strengths are communication, leadership, team development, and compassion.

Russ is currently using his strengths to bring awareness to the crisis of human trafficking as President and founder of The Stop Trafficking Project. Russ also serves as the director for AwareKC and is a founding board member for Kansas City Street Hope.

AwareKC is an awareness and prevention strategy. The primary method of implementation is through presentations designed to 1) educate and empower students and 2) guide adults from awareness to action. A commitment to collaborate allows for presentations that provide insight into ‘the problem’ of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) and at the same time offer effective ‘solutions’. These presentations have impact in a variety of settings.

Russ grew up for much of his childhood and teenage years in India. This created within him the drive to serve those who are unable to help themselves.

Russ brings 29 years of passion and experience in the not-for-profit world to The Stop Trafficking Project team and is the primary communicator of the vision and mission.




Stacey Lareau will be speaking to the adults.  Stacey has a passion for the fight against human trafficking and motivating others to get involved.  The protection of the vulnerable has brought her to being a certified trainer with AwareKC, tackling the issue of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST).  She comes with the perspective as a wife, mother, grandmother and active abolitionist.

By day Stacey works in the dental health field and has, through several facets, for 40 years.  Being exposed to health care needs has broadened her compassion for the needs of others.  
Stacey has always used her “gift of talking” to educate, bring awareness and move others to action through multiple arenas.  In the public schools she has fully supported PTA by organizing school fundraising carnivals, student talent shows, book fairs and dental health education.  In non-profit organizations she has educated and organized youth and adult groups building homes, providing medical supplies for developing world countries, supplying clothing and personal care items to the homeless and vulnerable people groups.

As a Kansas native Stacey’s passion is to help our community.

As a mother Stacey’s passion is to educate our kids.

As a woman Stacey’s passion is to change our culture for a better, stronger future.




Saturday, February 2, 2019

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